V-Ditch Paving

We have a wide variety of V-ditch tooling to meet most jobsite requirements. APCO has the capacity to place V-ditchs from 2 feet to 14 feet wide. Our molds used are custom made with great detail to meet all secifications on every job

Key Benefits 

Hydraulically adjustable forms to meet grade requirements

  APCO V-Ditch tools use state-of-the-art slip forms (no rolling required)

 APCO can build any V-ditch tooling to suit any application


14' Wide x 2' Deep Ditch

Trapezoid ditch at the county landfill in Santa Maria, California.

3' Wide x 4" Deep V-Ditch

V-ditch paving in Fresno, California. 

12' Wide x 2' Deep Ditch

Ditch paving near Corona, California.